TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT THOSE so-called “energy drinks” and you’ll find almost all of them are loaded with sugar, laced with caffeine (which is actually a diuretic), or they lack the essential ingredients your body needs to get back up to speed and stay there. And that’s where Frenchie comes in. In this month’s box you’ll find the optimal hydration system, with almost no sugar, caffeine, carbs, or calories... and it actually tastes good.

“Most people are in some state of dehydration, they just don’t know it,” says Frenchie founder Justin McCabe. “And that really impacts you, physically and mentally.” After “nerding out,” as he describes it, to find the ultimate rehydration beverage without encountering success, he decided to make one himself that would “tick all the boxes — healthier, less sugar, rapidly absorb into the bloodstream.”

Frenchie is actually superior to water when it comes to rehydration. “Water isn’t enough to rehydrate you if you don’t have the right electrolyte balance,” McCabe notes. Frenchie’s formula is based on the WHO’s guidelines for oral rehydration solutions, with optimal amounts of potassium, sodium, and glucose, and without unnecessary sugar (it only has 2 grams per 10 oz. can), calories (a mere 15 per can!), stimulants, or artificial ingredients. It not only replenishes electrolytes, it actually helps your body absorb water more quickly.

McCabe also wanted to make French mixable, in order to address one of the main causes of dehydration — drinking alcohol — as well as the hangovers that follow. “The earlier you can stay hydrated, the better,” he advises. “Everybody tries to slam a glass of water when they get home [from a night out], but that’s like pouring a glass of water on a fire.” Frenchie doesn’t just help you stay hydrated while drinking, its light citrus flavor makes it a great mixer, regardless of its other benefits. A vodka-and-Frenchie blows other “energy drink” mixers away. It can also take the place of triple sec for a refreshing, lighter margarita variation.

We’re thinking Frenchie’s going to become a regular part of your workout routine, your happy hour, and elsewhere. (After you finish the cans in this box, which will likely be soon, you can find Frenchie on Amazon — and be on the lookout for new flavors coming soon.)