Fleur Marche Plz Wellness Patches

Stressed, tired, horny or generally feeling off? There’s a patch (or 4) for that! 

Between the rise-and-grind and the slay-all-day, there’s not a lot of time to make sure your body’s consistently operating at 100%. Which is why we’re grateful for Fleur Marché. Their raison d’etre is to provide simple, straightforward, joy-inducing solutions to life’s daily struggles. And the beauty of their product is that it’s low maintenance – no need to take time out of your already busy day to use it. Fleur Marché delivers the goods while you’re working, sleeping, even… well, let us explain.

Fleur Marché’s wellness patches release vitamins and plant-based nutrients (including CBD) through your skin, all day (or night) long, for up to 12 hours at a time. The ingredients are tested both before and after production for potency and contamination. And what do they do? Just about anything you need them to. The four patches included in the “Variety, Plz” pack that you’ll find in this box cover a lot of ground. Between them, they can help to give your body a full reset.

Start off the day with the Energy, Plz patch. Put it on before you start work and leave it on all day if you like — you’ll get a steady dose of CBD and invigorating Vitamin B12 through the skin and into your bloodstream to put some caffeine-free pep in your step. Had a long night partying or a tough morning workout? The Relief, Plz. patch will help your body recover in the background while you get on with your. Its potent combination of CBD and peppermint oil (with menthol) helps release tension and soothe away aches and pains. CBD works with melatonin in the Sleep. Plz patch to give you a restful and uninterrupted night of Z’s. And for those times when you’re in the mood to get “in the mood,” the Sex, Plz patch combines CBD with L-Arginnine, Maca, and Tribulus Terrestrus — a powerful blend to help make it a night (or heck, a morning or an afternoon) you won’t soon forget.

Patch your way to wellness with this hasslefree way to feel better. Once you’ve tried the mighty quartet of patches in the Variety, Plz pack, you’re likely going to want more. See what else the geniuses at Fleur Marché have to offer at fleurmarche.com.