Firelli Italian Hot Sauce

The secret ingredient? Smoky, spicy Calabrian chilis.

If you want a pizza with a spicy kick, it makes sense to use a hot sauce from Italy. And for this Pizza Box, we’ve found the best and most flavorful Italian hot sauce we’ve ever tasted. Firelli Original Hot Sauce is handcrafted in Parma from amazing ingredients, including roasted red peppers, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, porcini mushrooms, and of course Calabrian chilis. Named after the Calabria region in the south of Italy, the chilis get their unique smoky, spicy flavor from the region’s dry, sunny conditions and the acidity of the soil.

Firelli’s hot sauce measures a fairly moderate 2,969 Scoville units, referring to the measurement of heat — by comparison, jalapeños start at about 5,000 units. But unlike so many one-dimensional sauces which bring the fire and little else, this hot sauce is complex and rich. Much more than simple heat, a few drops add a delicious dimension of flavor to your homemade pizza, with zero calories and only 7.4 grams of carbs per serving.

Firelli hot sauce and pizza make a gorgeous combination, but that’s just the starting point for this condiment’s uses. Add a few drops to pasta arrabiata to give it an extra kick. Spice up your breakfast by adding it to eggs — any style, from scrambled to deviled. It’s the ideal accompaniment for wings. Mixing it into a salad dressing adds both heat and complexity. You can even use it in Bloody Marys. And that’s just the beginning. You’ll love its versatility, and you’re sure to enjoy finding new uses for its deliciously rich and rounded flavor.

Firelli does one thing — hot sauce — and they do it exceedingly well. After using their Original Hot Sauce on your homemade pizza, you’re sure to want to try their Extra Hot Sauce, which delivers all the flavor and even more heat, and their Truffle Hot Sauce, which adds the pungent, savory flavor of real truffles. Have a look at all three, and discover some delicious recipes, at