Ficks Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix

It's About Bloody Time You Tried A Mix That Tastes Fresh-Made! 

Yes, you could make your own Bloody Mary mix from scratch. But when you’ve got a ready-made mix this good, there’s really no need. Entertain your guests, whip up a delicious brunch, or just relax and enjoy, because Ficks has you covered. Their all-natural mix uses a base of California heirloom tomatoes, with a red pepper-black pepper combo and horseradish to bring the heat. It’s a moderate amount, but if your tastes run spicier, a few drops of Tabasco sauce will do the trick.

The California-based Ficks uses locally sourced, all-natural ingredients to make cocktail mixers that taste better because they’re better for you. Take this Bloody Mary mix, for instance. It doesn’t contain Worcestershire sauce because it’s both fish-based and a common allergen. But the mix is engineered so skillfully, and uses such flavorful ingredients, that you won’t miss it. The result is a delicious vegan and allergen-free mixer that everyone can enjoy. It’s so flavorful, in fact, that it also makes a fantastic zeroproof Bloody Mocktail. For an extra boost of flavor, try it with the brine from your jar of Doux South Drunken Tomato, also included herein.

Ficks makes a variety of low-calorie, all-natural cocktail mixers using the same fresh ingredients you’d use to make at home. Take a look at their delicious portfolio at