Farm Steady Mozzarella Cheese Kit

If you never thought you could make your own cheese, think again!

Some folks think “making your own pizza” means buying pre-made crust, sauce out of a jar, and shredded cheese in a plastic pouch. But you’re clearly not “some folks” — otherwise you wouldn’t be the proud possessor of our Pizza Box. When we say homemade, we mean homemade. Now if you’re thinking, surely that couldn’t include homemade cheese as well, think again. Farm Steady’s Italian Fresh Cheese Making Kit enables chefs at any level of expertise to make fresh, delicious cheese in practically any sized kitchen, using only standard tools you’ll likely already have. For the stove-averse among us, cheese can easily be made in the microwave, and it tastes just as good. As for ingredients, everything you need to make your own mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, and mascarpone are in the box — all that’s missing is milk.

If you’re new to cheesemaking, you’ll find that, thanks at least in part to this kit, it’s not hard at all. If you’re an old hand, the kit will make it even quicker and easier. It includes a cheese thermometer, a basket, and cheesecloth, as well as vegetable rennet, citric acid, and cheese salt. If you feel like you’re not ready to tackle cheesemaking just yet, not to worry — the ingredients are good for up to 18 months. The kit makes up to 8 batches of cheese, which means you can make mozzarella to put on a pizza, burrata for salads, mascarpone for an indulgent dessert, and ricotta for... well, just about anything. Each batch of cheese takes an hour or so of prepping followed by several hours of refrigeration, and detailed instructions are provided in both the kit and online.

Farm Steady’s credo is that natural, homemade food is better food, and their easy-to-follow kits eliminate the guesswork. Their repertoire is expansive, covering everything from bagels to hot sauce to pickles to kombucha, and even wine and cider. Peruse their complete list of offerings, and get some terrific recipes besides, at