Ezra Arthur Cash Fold

Sleek, Durable, And Built To Last — Guaranteed

The Wallet Dilemma is a perennial issue when it comes to travel. We don’t need or want to take our big and bulky everyday wallets (and the myriad stuff they contain) on a trip, but what’s the best way to pare down without throwing a selection of cards and cash willy-nilly into a pants pocket? The solution: a travel wallet, built tough enough to go wherever your journey takes you, and trim to stay unobtrusive no matter what you’re up to. And we’ve hunted down the perfect travel wallet, which you’ll find inside the Vices Traveler's Kit.

Ezra Arthur is owned by four brothers who honor the memory of their grandfather (the company’s named after him) by, they say, “crafting lifestyle accessories worthy of everything he stood for.” Combining modern engineering knowhow with vintage equipment and practices, each product they make is built to last and looks great besides. That definitely applies the No. 2 Slim Travel Wallet, handcrafted from the highest quality leather without the use of plastic, glue, rubber or lining. The wallet will hold the essentials you need for traveling — credit card, business cards, cash — and you can leave the extraneous stuff at home. In fact, you may realize you don’t need all the extraneous stuff and make this your everyday wallet. Stranger things have happened.

Measuring a mere 3.7” by 2.5” by 1”, the Slim Travel Wallet is svelte enough to wear with slim-fit pants or skinny jeans, and durable enough to take on the boat, to the beach, and even the most arduous of hikes. In fact, the leather and stitching are guaranteed for life. If your wallet rips, send it back to Ezra Arthur and they’ll fix or replace it. Standing by the products you make may be old-fashioned, but it never goes out of style.