Channing Daughters Wines

A Taste of the Hamptons in a Glass

The Hamptons aren’t just a wonderful place to spend a weekend. It's an amazing place to make wine. Winemaking on Long Island is less than half a century old, but over the last couple of decades it’s grown by leaps and bounds, and today it’s a thriving hub of acclaimed and increasingly popular wineries. One of the oldest and most highly regarded is Channing Daughters, whose first Bridgehampton vineyard was planted in 1982. Today, they’ve got six separate vineyards on their farm, encompassing about 28 acres, devoted to a dizzying variety of white and red grapes that make a wide array of wines. What isn’t taken directly from their vines is sourced from the finest vineyards on the North Fork, maintaining the terroir of the island in every bottle.

Rosé has always been the ultimate summertime wine (and we’d like to point out that it tastes delicious the rest of the year, too), and in the last decade or so the “rosé all day” craze has made it more popular than ever. It’s a fun style of wine, but also one that deserves respect. Channing Daughters’ rosati are made from red fruit, selected specially for pink wine production, that are processed as if they were white wines. The result is crisp, vibrant and versatile, whether you’re enjoying a midday glass on the patio or pairing it with a rib-sticking dinner. Channing Daughters recommends pairing the dry, mineral 2019 Rosato di Merlot, a bottle of which you’ll find in the Vices Escape to the Hamptons Edition, with anything from tomatoes and mozzarella to steak with chimichurri sauce to charcuterie. Who are we to say no?


The East End of Long Island has the climate, the food and the feeling that engenders the production of great rosé. Channing Daughters wants to celebrate rosé, especially with the bounty of the ocean, the bays, and the land where they grow their grapes and make their wine. And they want you to celebrate with them. Compare and contrast the bottles of rosé to figure out which one you like best and to understand firsthand that rosé is not a one-size-fits- all style of wine, any more than red or white. And frankly, there are few better ways to spend a Hamptons weekend — whether you’re there in person or merely in spirit — than with a couple of bottles of beautiful, locally made wine. Enjoy!