Elemental: The Ideal Vessels for Hot or Cold Drinks

It’s common knowledge that cocktails tastes better in elegant glassware, and a root beer is more refreshing when it’s quaffed out of a frosty mug instead of a cup. So why do we continue to sip coffee out of desultory to-go cups and drink water from plastic bottles? There’s a better way... and you’ll find it in this month’s box. The Elemental set contains a 16-ounce gold tumbler with a ceramic lid that does justice to every coffee drinker’s favorite “liquid gold.” And because we need to stay hydrated as well as caffeinated, there’s a 25-ounce gold water bottle with a bamboo lid.

These bottles aren’t just gorgeous, they’re highly functional. Made from stainless steel with plated gold finish and copper insulation, they’re designed to keep hot beverages hot (up to 6 hours for the tumbler and 12 hours for the bottle) and cold beverages cold (up to 12 hours in the tumbler and 24 hours in the bottle) all day long. Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee and tepid water! And the steel doesn’t transfer flavor to what you’re drinking, or leave an aftertaste from your previous drink.

Elemental’s tumbler will have you feeling like you’re drinking coffee or tea from your favorite mug at home, even if you’re in your car or on the go. With a textured grip, a no-slip bottom, and a ceramic lid with a spill-resistant plug, you can enjoy your morning eye-opener wherever you are, without worrying about spills. And the well construction in the lid opening will even help keep you from burning your lips with that first sip!

The Elemental Classic Water Bottle features double-wall copper insulation to prevent condensation, a powder-coated finish for an improved grip, and it comes with a metal ring for hooking on to your backpack or bag. Both the tumbler and the bottle fit snugly into car cup holders, and they’re both great for hot or cold beverages. To see more of Elemental’s reusable and eco-friendly line, head over to www.elementalbottles.com.