Chocolate is always a treat for the taste buds. But what about a chocolate thats good for the body, the soul, and the earth? Thats where Element Truffles and its founder, Alak Vasa, come in. Vasa is a Wall Street refugee who, after much soul-searching — and an internship at the famed Financier Patisserie in New York — decided to follow her heart and start her own company, focusing on chocolates with a particular philosophy behind them.  The Ayurvedic diet, which Vasa learned in her native India, is all about bringing balance and simplicity to ones life, including doing so through food. To that end, Elements chocolates are the essence of simplicity, using only cacao and honey as the base ingredients, with Aurvedic superfoods and essential oils sourced from Fair Trade manufacturers used for additional flavoring. 

Photo By Element Truffles 

Lovers of spice will adore the Spicy Cayenne with Cinnamon bar.  The heat from the cayenne peppers harmonizes so perfectly with the tingle of the cinnamon essential oil that its like they were made to be together. The raw honey tempers the heat ever so slightly, while Himalayan pink salt brings out all the flavors of both the chocolate and the spices. No refined sugar or dairy is used in this masterful creation, just organic raw cacao paste and cacao butter. Going back to ordinary commercial chocolate after a taste of Elements bar will be hard, but then again, why would you want to?