Doux South Drunken Tomatoes

The Bloody Mary Garnish That's Too Good Not To Eat! 

When it comes to Bloody Mary garnishes, the undisputed classic is the pickled tomato. And when it comes to pickled tomatoes, it doesn’t get much better than the Drunken Tomato from Doux South. The company’s founder, Atlanta-based farm-totable chef Nick Melvin, knows the Southern pickling tradition inside out, and he brings that knowledge to bear in these phenomenal cherry tomatoes, pickled in a brine that includes red wine, basil, and garlic for an Italian twist. The result is the tastiest garnish we’ve yet tried. In fact, they’re way too tasty to wait for Bloody Mary time to use. Try them with pasta, in salads, in sandwiches (they work great with Italian deli meats and cheeses), you name it. Just be sure to save a couple for the next round of Bloodies — and remember to use a little of the brine in the drink to elevate your Bloody Mary still further.

If you’re a fan of authentic southern-style pickled vegetables — and if you’re not, you should be — Doux South is a must to investigate. They’ve also got terrific mustards and relishes to up your condiment game. Have a look at