Double Cross Ultra Premium Craft Vodka

The base of your espresso martini —  and a key component in a host of cocktails. 

A great espresso martini needs a great vodka. Vodka certainly doesn’t take center stage in such a flavorful cocktail, but the vodka contributes so much more than just alcohol —  it keeps all the flavors in balance, while also adding to the texture and mouthfeel of the drink. Double Cross, created in the birthplace of traditional old-world vodka, delivers everything you need in an espresso martini, and its versatility makes it a go-to vodka in countless other cocktails.

The water source for Double Cross is an aquifer 200 feet below the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. The mineral-heavy water contributes to a lush mouthfeel and a smooth flavor that, by itself, places it a cut above other vodkas. You don’t have to take our word for it — it scored a 98, receiving a “Gold: Outstanding” designation — at the 2021 International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC).

Double Cross distills its vodka from estate grown winter wheat, which imparts a soft but crisp flavor, and a beautiful roundness on the palate. The vodka is distilled and filtered through diamonds, and then the process is repeated… and repeated… a total of seven times, to ensure purity, quality, and a clean, smooth flavor in every batch. There are those who will argue that vodka is odorless and tasteless, but one sip of this vodka proves otherwise. On the nose, it’s subtle and quiet, with hints of citrus and white chocolate. On the palate, it’s silky and creamy, with bright notes of white pepper and lemon zest. The finish is warm and medium length, with a clean, dry aftertaste that primes the palate for another sip.

The preferred way to drink Double Cross, especially in its homeland of Slovakia, is neat, straight from the freezer in a chilled glass. The temperature makes the texture of the vodka thicker, almost a little syrupy, and the flavors get a little magnified. But add a touch of vermouth and perhaps a bit of olive brine and it becomes a world-beating martini. It makes an ideal companion for soda or tonic, a brilliant cosmopolitan, and of course  the ultimate Espresso Martini. 

Double Cross isn’t just delicious; it’s versatile. To see more cocktail recipes for which it’s a perfect fit, and to learn more about the brand’s backstory, visit them online at