Dona Masala Chai Concentrate

Enjoy a relaxing and invigorating chai latte any time. 

The mere mention of a chai latte gets our mouths watering and a smile creasing our lips. It tastes like a naughty indulgence, but chai (no need to call it “chai tea” because chai means “tea” in Hindi) actually has a host of health benefits. Its blend of black tea and spices like clove, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and heart-healthy flavonoids. It improves digestion, gives a boost of energy, and reduces inflammation, among many other benefits. Dona, a company devoted to teas and tea concentrates, has made enjoying chai lattes easier than ever with their Masala Chai Concentrate. Brewed in single batches, it’s ground fresh and slow-steeped to give you the perfect balance of sweetness and spices for which chai is known. Dona uses only the best spices with naturally sweet flavors, which means less sugar needs to be used. The result is a healthy, lower-calorie treat that still tastes indulgent.

Have a café-quality latte without having to leave your home, or take the concentrate with you and have delicious, high quality chai wherever you are! Making a chai latte with Dona’s concentrate is almost as easy as enjoying it. Mix equal parts concentrate and milk, and heat, steam, or pour over ice. No steeping, no measuring, and no wait. But this chai isn’t just for lattes. Use Masala Chai Concentrate in cocktails, baking, as a marinade… the possibilities are myriad.

The Brooklyn-based, woman-owned Dona makes teas with the best single-origin and direct trade ingredients they can source. Dona pays attention to how spices taste, where they come from, how they’re grown, and who farms them,.building relationships with farmers in collectives all over the world. And they’re helping people at home, too — for every order of masala chai sold on their site, they donate $1 to Chhaya Development Corporation, an organization dedicated to building housing stability and economic well-being for South Asian and Indo-Caribbean communities in New York City. Read more about Dona’s mission and earth-friendly initiatives, and peruse all their delicious teas and concentrates, at