Dardimans Watermelon Crisps

The masters of dried fruit crisps take on the ultimate challenge — and triumph deliciously. 

How do you create a dried fruit crisp out of a fruit whose primary ingredient — and part of its very name — is water? Leave it to Dardimans, the undisputed masters of the fruit crisp. Based in California, they source only the freshest and most flavorful fruit from local growers, and then dry it using a unique convection heat method rather than traditional freeze-drying or sun-drying. The result is dried fruit that doesn’t just retain its flavor and color better, it also retains more of the vitamins that make fruit such a healthy snack in the first place.

But how does Dardimans make dried watermelon? Even they admit it’s a bit trickier than what they usually do, but the results are worth the extra effort. Dardimans Watermelon Crisps are as beautiful to look at — held up to the light, their translucent hue is evocative of stained glass at sunset — as they are to eat. The concentrated essence of watermelon is all natural, with no preservatives or added sugars, and it’s loaded with antioxidants and fiber. It’s not only vegan, but it’s kosher as well! Dardimans describes these crisps as “penny-thin, triangular moments of summer.” One crunch and you’ll agree.

Dardimans uses more than 15 different fruits for its crisps, from orange to pineapple to persimmon to tomato (which is, of course, a fruit and not a vegetable), all expertly dried until they’re flavorful and crunchy. Use them in salads, as dessert toppings, cocktail garnishes, or just snack on them right out of the bag. They also have a selection of chocolate-dipped crisps, as well as candied fruit crisp lollipops. Go to dardimans.com to see their entire line of delicious and healthy delicacies.