The bottles you’ll find in this edition will give you ample opportunity to make cocktails, whether you’re following the instructions we’ve included or making up your own recipes. And when it comes to garnishes —one of the most enjoyable yet overlooked parts of a properly composed mixed drink.

Dardimans Crispy Strawberry Slices are a good looking topper to any cocktail, but more importantly, they taste delicious whether it’s happy hour or snack time.

Based in California, the folks at Dardimans select their strawberries fresh from local growers. They dry the berries using their own bespoke process that retains the vitamins, the color, and the flavor, without the addition of sugar or preservatives. The only thing added is the crunch —and that’s 100% natural!

It might be tempting to inhale the whole bag of Crispy Strawberry Slices, but be sure to save some for your cocktails. They make a fun substitute for citrus twists in everything from a martini to a Tom Collins; they’re an attractive and delicious addition to a flute of champagne; and they go great in sparkling cocktails like the Athenian Spritz —whose recipe, and ingredients, you’ll find included in this very box. If you’ve got any left over, don’t forget to try your Strawberry Slices with everything from breakfast cereal to cake!