Is it fruit? Absolutely. Is it candy? Well, it kind of tastes like it. Is it delicious and healthy? Amazingly, the answer is yes there as well. Dardimans Dark Chocolate Apple Crisps are a guilty pleasure without the guilt. 

Dardimans starts with the finest locally grown fruit from its home base of California. Then, instead of freeze-drying or sun-drying, they dehydrate that fruit using convection-styled heat, which not only retains more flavor but also retains more of the nutrients, without added sugar or preservatives, for the ultimate in healthy snacking.  

Now, in most cases, theyd declare their delicious fruit crisps good to go, bag them up, and let them bring a smile to the faces of folks nationwide. But not in this case. To make a good thing even better, Dardimans coats their apple crisps with luscious dark chocolate. Upping the decadence while remaining healthy — thats our kind of snack!   

You might want to stock up on Dardimansvariety of dried fruit snacks. Why scarf down another Santa-shaped cookie when you can have a healthy alternative thats just as tasty? Trek over to www.dardimans.com to see what theyve got.