Cutwater Spirits Frozen Margarita Pops

These adults-only ice pops are the grab-and-go cocktail of the Summer. 

Remember when prepping for a beach day or picnic called for prebatching your own homemade cocktails and filling flasks? That’s a thing of the past, because we’re living in the golden age of delicious, ready-to-drink cocktails so you can maximize the time you spend having fun this summer. At the forefront of the canned cocktail revolution is California-based Cutwater Spirits. Led by founder and master distiller Yuseff Cherney, Cutwater distills its own award-winning spirits and uses them to make a massive variety of over 25 bar-quality canned cocktails. That means they are ready for all your summer adventures - whether that’s at the beach, camping, by the pool, or in your own backyard.

As they continue to conquer the world of canned cocktails, Cutwater has added frozen cocktails in pop form to their lineup. They’re keeping the party cool in utterly nostalgic fashion. Their new, adults-only Cutwater Frozen Margarita Pops are crafted with the same high-standards as their spirits and cocktails. That means they’re made with Cutwater’s own award-winning tequila with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. These gluten-free pops are less than 80 calories each, and at 7% alcohol by volume, they’re a deliciously icy twist on your favorite libation. Just stick them in the freezer, wait for them to freeze solid, then cut off the top and enjoy!

Cutwater’s story is a fascinating one. Rather than sourcing their distilled spirits the team takes great care to distill their own. They know all great cocktails begin with a high-quality base spirit and Cutwater produces and over 20 bottled spirits. Cutwater’s diverse portfolio of canned cocktails, bottled spirits, mixers, and pops have earned 1900 awards and counting. They are meticulous about quality and refuse to cut corners, which is why they have garnered international acclaim.

Explore the entire delicious spectrum of Cutwater’s spirits and ready to enjoy cocktails, at If you’re ever in San Diego, you can even schedule a visit to the Cutwater Tasting Room & Kitchen to taste them at the source!