Copper Cow: Just Black Vietnamese Pour-Over Coffee

There’s nothing basic about this black.

If you’re going to recommend taking a coffee black, it had better be a really good coffee. And this, we can report with confidence, is a really, really good coffee. Copper Cow’s distinctive all-natural organic Vietnamese blend is as rich and complex as they come, with nutty mocha undertones and enough of a bite to keep things interesting. No need for milk or sugar here! And it’s as simple to make as it is satisfying to drink. Just hang the pouch on your cup or mug using the attached “wings,” fill it with hot water 2-3 times (for a smaller, Vietnamese-style cup; 4-6 times for a larger cup), and wait just a couple of minutes for the ready-to-drink coffee to filter through. It also makes terrific cold brew — just use a sealable container, cold water, and refrigerate overnight. If you’re on the fence about black coffee and want to hedge your bets, Copper Cow has you covered with 100% natural sweetened creamers, too.

Copper Cow is a woman-owned company dedicated to the fine art of delicious, sustainably sourced coffee that’s quick and simple to make. See more of their delicious coffees and teas at