Cohiba Cigar

For your smoking pleasure we are proud to present you with the latest expression from the iconic brand Cohiba: The Cohiba Connecticut.

Many smokers don’t know about the role the Connecticut River Valley, which runs from Connecticut through New England into Vermont, has played in cigars for centuries. Some of the world’s most acclaimed cigars, including Cohiba’s own Black expression, are wrapped in Connecticut Shade leaves, grown in the fertile, tobacco-friendly valley and so named because they’re protected from the sun by nylon mesh or cheesecloth.

With Cohiba Connecticut, Cohiba takes the Connecticut seed and growing method and transplants it to Ecuador, where it’s grown in the volcanic soil by the Vinces River and protected by natural cloud cover rather than cloth. The leaves, silky in texture and with barelyperceptible veins, are used to wrap a blend of fine tobaccos from Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the home of Cohiba, the Dominican Republic, to create a mild-to-medium smoke with a rich aroma and a harmonious balance of sweet and spicy.

This is a cigar that delivers the best of all worlds in a smoking experience—a real depth of flavor along with a smooth, mellow, creaminess in the smoke.

Pairing Suggestions

For a late Sunday morning smoke:A frothy cappuccino.For a nighttime light-up:Heigold Kentucky Straigh bourbon whiskey by Rabbit Hole Distillery balances the smoothness of the cigar with the robust rye notes of the whiskey.If your feet are in the sand: The full-bodied Appleton 21 Year Old from Jamaica shares and accentuates many of the cigar’s sweetand spicy notes.