Cloth & Paper Mental Wellness Notebook

Put it on paper. Shift your mindset. Gain clarity. 

There’s something about writing things down that turns ideas into plans, intentions into promises, and captures fleeting thoughts. Perhaps it’s the permanence of ink on paper. Maybe it’s the physical act of writing. Whatever it is, thoughts seem to mean more when it’s handwritten, even if it’s just stream-of-consciousness jottings to clear your head.

In a world full of noise, it’s important to have a dedicated space to express your thoughts and emotions, gain some clarity, and shift your mindset. That’s where Cloth & Paper’s Mental Wellness Notebook (which you’ll find in this box) comes in. Measuring 5x7 inches and containing 64 pages, it’s small enough to travel with you, and its cardstock cover and stapled binding make it sturdy enough to go wherever you go.

Emblazoned with the word “Intention” on the cover (as well as the definition), you’ll see that each page has four sections, each one a step on the journey to an improved mental state. Atop the page is the space to declare a “Focus.” From there, emphasize the good in the Positive Affirmations field, get yourself centered with the Mindful Intentions field, and let your mind flow in the Free Thoughts field. Taken together, each page can help, well, turn the page to a more focused way of thinking — and living.

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