Chiostro Di Saronno Amaretti Cookies

From a Franciscan Cloister comes heavenly cookies.

Chiostro di Saronno translates to “Cloister of Saronno.” It’s an ancient Franciscan cloister located in the center of the town of Saronno, in the province of Varese. Today, the cloister is the home of the company of the same name, and it’s where they keep their most precious and prestigious recipes —  including that of their famous amaretti cookies, which you’ll find in this Italian-themed box. According to legend, amaretti are said to have been originally baked centuries ago by a young couple to honor the cardinal of Milano. Today, it’s a ubiquitous treat found all over Italy.

Crunchy Amaretti Chiostro di Saronno are made in the traditional fashion, utilizing only three ingredients —  sugar, egg white, and apricot kernels (the seeds found inside the apricot’s pits). The kernels lend a touch of bitterness to the otherwise sweet cookies. They’re traditionally eaten after breakfast or lunch, but there’s no bad time to enjoy them. Try them with a sweet wine, or crumble them over a fruit salad or gelato. The box in which the cookies are housed is as delightful as the cookies themselves, a display of Italian tradition and heritage. If you’ve had amaretti before, you already know how irresistible these cookies are. If this is your first time trying them, prepare to find yourself transported to a small and romantic Italian café with each bite.

Amaretti Chiostro di Saronno is one of three products you’ll find in this box that are imported by Zia Pia. The company is named after Pia Custodi, the aunt, or “zia,” of founder Victoria Custodi. A native of Orvieto in Italy, Zia Pia was an inspiration in the kitchen and in the rest of her life, and the company is devoted to seeking out foods that live up to Pia’s ethos of simplicity, care, and quality of ingredients. To see what other Italian delicacies they have to offer, visit