Caffe Luxxe: A Versatile Blend for Drip Coffee or Espresso

If you love coffee as much as we do, discovering a terrific blend for the first time can almost be a life-altering experience. At the very least, it’s a cause for celebration — and something to look forward to each morning. Well, for this month’s celebration of all things coffee, we’ve got one of those blends for you. Versatile, complex, and seriously delicious, the Montenero blend from Caffe Luxxe scored a 91 point rating from Coffee Review. But don’t take their word for it — open up the bag and try it for yourself.

Montenero (Italian for “black mountain”) is a blend of varietals, grown at different altitudes and sourced from a multitude of locales, including Ethiopia, Brazil, Mexico, and Papua, New Guinea. The floral aroma leads into a rich, bold flavor dominated by dark chocolate, caramel, and jasmine, with a light, delicate acidity and a sweet, floral finish. Whether you’re using Montenero for drip coffee or espresso, it’s a bold, assertive, and perfectly balanced blend.

Based in Los Angeles, the owners of Caffe Luxxe roam the globe in search of the finest beans for their blends — cultivating friendships with both specialty importers and the farmers themselves, making sure that the farmers earn fair wages in the process. Their expertise goes into their meticulously crafted blends, beginning with a consideration for the aromas, flavors, and experiences to create the ultimate balance. To learn more about Caffe Luxxe and to discover more of their top-rated coffees and teas (and to find where their cafes are located, if you’re in California), visit their website: