Bushwick Kitchen was launched in 2014 by a chef and an entrepreneur from, you guessed it, a kitchen in Bushwick, one of the more far-flung areas of Brooklyn thats since become one of the hottest hipster meccas in New York City. The company started with one product, and it proved to be an immensely popular one. One taste of their flagship Bees Knees Spicy Honey and youll understand why. Spicy Honey contains only two ingredients — habanero peppers and True Source Certified (ethically sourced, in other words) wildflower honey.  The combination of sweet and spicy is not only addictive, its so versatile that youll plow through the bottle enclosed in this package in a flash. Use it as a marinade for chicken or barbecued ribs. Pour it over ice cream to give your dessert a spicy kick. Drizzle it on a pizza bianco. You can even use it in cocktails try it instead of agave nectar to make a spicy margarita, or stir it into a hot toddy on a chilly, two-blanket night. 

Since its launch, Bushwick Kitchens roster of condiments has grown to more than a half-dozen. The one were most excited about combines two of the great Asian spicy sauces. The more famous half of the Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha (which is also included in this months box) is, of course, Sriracha. The Thai-based sweet-and-spicy sauce has become ubiquitous in restaurants and home kitchens over the last decade or so. Its combined with gochujang, a lesser-known fermented spicy sauce from Korea which brings heat and savory, slightly funky notes without overwhelming the flavor of the sriracha. If you thought you liked one or the other, wait until you try them together.  Use it as a condiment, a marinade, or a dipping sauce — and try squirting it into a Bloody Mary for an extra-flavorful kick. We cant wait to see what Bushwick Kitchen is up to next, but in the meantime, well enjoy these two brilliant sauces with a smile on our faces and a tingle on our tongues.