Broken Top: Coffee Arabica Soy Candle

Make your home smell like a coffeehouse!

It may not be possible to always have fresh coffee brewing at home, but now it’s easy to give your abode that aromatic first-cup-of-the-morning scent, any time. Broken Top Candle Company’s Coffee Arabica candle awakens the senses, bringing gorgeous fragrances of hazelnut, coconut and cream to any room in which it’s lit for up to four hours at a time. Housed in a beautiful amber glass vessel, the candle is made from 100% US-grown soy bean wax and essential oils, with a natural cotton core wick. One smell and you’ll understand anew why Arabica is the world’s most popular type of coffee.

Based in Oregon since its founding in 2015, the woman-owned Broken Top has outgrown the “Candle Company” part of its name, and now creates a wide array of eco-conscious, sustainable products, including soaps, perfumes, lotions and much more, all vegan and cruelty-free. Their exciting new Geotanical line features luxury home and body products with both scents and innovative packaging designed specifically for men. See the company’s entire range — and order some more of these beautiful candles while you’re at it — at