Bosco Style Custom Wood Pen

Rediscover the Joy of Writing

There’s something about writing by hand that feels nearly lost these days as we hastily tap out emails and messages on our devices. It's the permanence of ink on paper, allowing the writing to become more thoughtful and deliberate. There’s something quite special about receiving a handwritten letter, knowing the sender took the extra time and put the extra care into composing it. And there’s something about a really fine pen — the way it feels in the hand seems to inspire clearer and more beautiful penmanship, as if by magic..

If it’s been a little while since you last put your thoughts on paper instead of on a phone or monitor, we’ve got just what you need — a gorgeous rollerball pen with a natural, lathe-turned wooden body, produced especially for Vices by Bosco Style. From its solid heft to the feel of the fine wood on your fingertips, to the way it glides effortlessly over the paper, you’ll put those grade school cursive lessons to good use once more. And your words will look and read even better when the pen is paired with our exclusive whisky-themed stationery and envelopes from Terrapin Stationers, nestled in the Whisky Poet Edition. 

Bosco Style (“bosco” means “forest” or “woodland” in Italian) creates beautiful products from the ultimate sustainable resource, wood — and through their reforestation efforts, they make sure the wood they use will be here for future generations. Every purchase made at Bosco Style helps fund the planting of new forests in the United States. A portion of the proceeds from the pens included in this Vices box will sponsor a reforestation project in Summit County, Utah, spearheaded by TreeUtah, a non-profit organization that repopulates trees in an environmentally conscious way. The species we will be planting were selected to work together to recreate natural ecosystems, helping to cool the water and clean the air, thus providing a better aquatic habitat for fish in the stream as well as the insects, birds, amphibians, and mammals that live along the banks.

Bosco Style is a leader in personalized and customized products for both businesses and individuals. Their products, from earrings to tie clips to sunglasses, are fashioned from the highest quality wood — the fact that they’re customizable is icing on the cake. Whether you’re in the market for a monogrammed wallet, company-branded cufflinks, or, yes, the perfect pen, they’ve got you covered. To see Bosco’s distinctive offerings and to read more about their mission to help leave the earth better than they found it, go to