We love coffee, and we love alcoholic beverages — and since youre a Vices member in good standing, were guessing you feel the same. But though weve tried everything from espresso martinis to coffee liqueurs to shots of booze in our morning brew, weve never been able to come up with the ideal way of mixing the two. Thankfully the team behind Bomani figured out the magic formula for us, and put it in a can!  

Bomani Cold Buzz is a combination of delicious cold-brew coffee and sugar-fermented alcohol (similar to what youll find in hard seltzer). What makes Cold Buzz different from other other caffeinated spiritous drinks is the quality. More than just an alcohol delivery system in a can, this is expertly-made cold brew coffee, with aromas of chocolate, caramel, and toasted nuts. And at 6.0% alcohol, you can enjoy a can any time of day without worrying about getting too buzzed from the caffeine or the alcohol.  

But our favorite thing about Cold Buzz is what it doesnt have — no sugar, no carbs, and only 110 calories. This isnt some gussied-up boozy milkshake, this is a serious coffee drink for serious adults. That it happens to come in a can, suitable for your on-the-go life, makes it even better. Once youve tried it, we know youre going to want to come back for more. Have a look at to find out where its available and other FAQs.