BLUblox Classic Blackout Sleep Mask

A good night’s sleep leads the way to a better day. 

One of the keys to achieving balance in our lives — mentally, physically, and emotionally — is to get a good night’s sleep. And one of the keys to a good night’s sleep is reducing distractions that can awaken us mid-slumber, such as light. A sleep mask seems like an easy light-blocking solution, but a poorly made mask poses its own problems, whether it pushes down on the eyes or it itches or it makes us sweat during the night. So where does one find the perfect sleep mask? In Australia, it turns out, where BLUblox is based. And in this box, where you’ll find your BLUblox Classic Blackout Sleep Mask.

The BLUblox team is devoted to helping protect our eyes, working in lab conditions rather than factories for optimum quality control. The Classic Blackout Sleep Mask showcases their attention to detail. This mask isn’t just about blocking unwanted light, although it does that spectacularly well. It’s designed for comfort, so the mask itself doesn’t keep you awake. The entire thing is made from durable soft cotton, with memory foam padding over the eyes to ensure zero eye pressure for as long as you wear it. It’s ultra-lightweight, with an adjustable non-elastic head strap, and contoured sides for maximum comfort whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach. And the adjustable eye cavities provide maximum comfort and light blockage for heads of all sizes.

The BLUblox Classic Blackout Sleep Mask isn’t just for bedtime. It’s also ideal for traveling, for meditation, or when you just want to shut out the world for a little while. As an aid for recalibrating and rejuvenating yourself, this mask is hard to beat. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg for BLUblox. In addition to their selection of sleep masks, they make a dazzling array of blue lightblocking glasses, both prescription and non, to help reduce the harmful light from phones and computer monitors every day. And that’s not all. To see their entire line of innovative protective devices — including more sleep masks — visit their website at