Be Home Stainless Steel & Wood Pasta Server

Form meets function in this eye-catching utensil.

The pasta server is often referred to as a pasta fork or a pasta spoon, and occasionally even a spaghetti rake — we won’t brook the possibility that it is in fact history’s first spork. Whatever you call it, however, it’s the go-to option for perfectly plated spaghetti, linguine, fettuccini, bucatini, or any long pasta you can think of.

 A pasta server is not only an essential piece of kitchenware, but once you have a good one, there’s really no need to replace it. And a really good one can be passed down through generations. That’s why we think this gorgeous and elegant Pasta Server from Be Home is the last pasta server you’ll ever need. It feels good in the hand thanks to its wooden handle, while the stainless steel golden spoon/fork/ rake’s design ensures a sturdy hold on even the most slippery pasta. It also facilitates ample drainage, so you can serve pasta straight from the pot. The nice thing about this most useful of tools is that it looks great, adding form as well as function to your dining table.

But the metal design isn’t just for looks. Metal actually works better than plastic or bamboo in keeping individual strands separated. That prevents clumping, and in turn, it delivers a more enjoyable dish of pasta.

While it’s the perfect utensil for an Italian meal, your pasta server will come in handy for international noodle dishes from Lo Mein to Yakisoba to Pad Thai. It’s recommended that you clean your server by hand, to guarantee that it stays looking good as new for years to come.

The plastic-free beauty of this pasta server is part of Be Home’s entire ethos. Founder Jonathan Hankar and his partner (and spouse), Patricia Hankar, set out to create a company devoted to responsibly-made products that are built to last, made by independent craftspeople and artisans, with an emphasis on supporting family and women-owned enterprises. By all accounts, they’ve succeeded —  have a look at their eclectic and exciting homewares, covering everything from the kitchen to the bedroom, at