Azaline Vermouth

Open a bottle, and open a gateway to an exotic world.

Some might call Azaline an Italian-style vermouth, meaning it’s dark in color and lightly sweet. But it’s more fitting to call it a Silk Road spirit, since many of its botanicals are sourced from stops along the ancient trade route that united Europe and Asia more than 2,000 years ago. In Azaline you’ll taste Persian saffron, a spice so highly coveted that it’s worth, by weight, more than gold. Coriander, also from Persia, is one of the oldest herbs known to have been used by humans — in fact, it’s mentioned in the Bible. Cardamom from India combines spice with dry herbal notes that stand out in Azaline.

Orange peel from China provides a light bitterness along with warm citrus notes. Add in European herbs, fruits and spices like juniper, gentian, tarragon, and blackcurrant, and you have a vermouth that, like the Silk Road itself, bridges East and West.

The base of Azaline, the wine itself, is born in Burgundy — young Pinot Noir grapes, bursting with fresh red fruit flavors, and blended impeccably by Gabriel Boudier, a family-owned company founded in Burgundy in 1874. Almost a century and a half of experience informs its blenders, who create from the individual components a vermouth with enticing aromas of red fruit and spice and sweet ripe cherry notes on the palate, balanced by the exotic flavor of saffron. It culminates in a long, lingering finish of bitter herbs and spices.


It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Azaline is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed chilled, on the rocks, or in a spritz with a variety of sparkling beverages — including the FIOL Rosé Prosecco you’ll also find in this box. Its herbs, spices and sweet fruits blend beautifully with brunch staples like Eggs Benedict or burrata; picnic favorites like potato salad and baguettes, or even fried chicken. Come cocktail hour, Azaline serves as a standout component in Manhattans, Negronis, and many others. For recipes, and to find out more about what sets Azaline apart from other fortified wines, visit the brand online at