There are few games with appeal as universal as the tumble tower. Kids and adults alike have thrilled to one of the rare games that requires skill without also requiring mastery of complex instructions. The rules are simple — remove a block (one of 54) from one of the tower’s 18 rows and place it atop the structure without making the whole thing collapse. The suspense grows as the tower gets taller and more unstable, and causing it to clatter to the floor in a heap of blocks is almost as fun as winning the game. Jengathe Swahili word for “build”, and the name for the tumble tower trademarked by Hasbro — is so well-known and beloved that it’s hard to believe it’s been around for less than 40 years.

While the tumble tower appeals to the kid in all of us, the Aurosi Acrylic Tumble Tower Set is made for us grownups. In place of wooden blocks are sleek black acrylic blocks, housed in a matching black case that’s a work of art unto itself. The acrylic blocks, each one buffed by hand, are built to last; they can handle as many rounds of Jenga as you and your friends and family can dish out without scratching or chipping. And if you decide the set is too much fun to keep to yourself, the Tumble Tower set makes a great gift — check out to pick from your choice of five different colors.