This year, weve all probably used a lot more hand sanitizer than we ever expected to, and the experience has, by and large, left us wanting. But just in time for the holidays, weve found a hand sanitizer that transforms the experience, from cold and clinical to sensory and indulgent. 

AmassFour Thieves hand sanitizer doesnt just focus on killing germs, though with a 70% alcohol base, it certainly does the job. What sets them apart from the other sanitizers youve tried is the hydrating oils and botanicals — in this case, cinnamon, allspice, clove, and eucalyptus they use.  

The inspiration for the botanical blend comes from an unlikely source — its said that the recipe was used in the Middle Ages in an attempt to ward off the Black Death. The name comes from a quartet of thieves who used the blend to protect themselves while the robbed the victims of the plague. That said, the scent will remind you more of Christmas, with those warm wintry spices transporting you to a roaring fire on a snowy night. As it should be. 

Amass is focused on botanicals and their many uses — in addition to the most soothing and best-smelling hand sanitizers youll ever try, the make aromatic candles and even their own gin and vodka. If you need any more incentive to explore their heavenly-scented world, were giving you 10% off your first Amass purchase. Just enter the code VICES10 at checkout. We guarantee your first order wont be your last.