A Chat with Jonathan White of Hommage

Men’s skincare is fresh-faced, to lean on a pun. 

The market is rife with women’s options, but men are only now becoming a major part of the routine and the discussion. However, there’s one brand that has been addressing men’s skincare for nearly a decade––from shaving to restoring to fine lines––and that’s Hommage. They employ dermatologists, and they test and re-test their formulas, meaning your skin is always getting the latest advancements in anti-aging and in daily maintenance products. It's just part of what makes them the standout in the industry.

In our Fountain of Youth collection, we featured three products from this global game changer. And, this month, we sat down with CEO Jonathan White to get a look at the brand and to glean his own personal tricks for remaining forever young.  
What’s the one thing you cannot live without from your Hommage lineup? 
The moisturizer is my favorite. It’s quite light, but it has the most powerful scent. I don’t feel like I’m loading up my skin when I use it.  
Tell us about that scent? 
Our Monaco scent is a subtle combination of tobacco, sandalwood and amber from Grasse, France, and it’s infused into our entire range of products. We are going to be launching a signature fragrance of it late this year or early next year.  
What else are you excited about from Hommage for 2019? 
We are growing at a rapid pace at the moment, so there’s plenty to be excited about. I have been heavily involved in some new product development to enhance our skin regimes as of late, which I believe will really put us firmly on the global stage. We are working on a cleanser without water. The concept is that oil cleans oil. When you have an oily pan and you try and clean it with water, it doesn’t remove it all. Oil removes other oil without stripping. You apply it to your face when it’s dry. You rub it, and you remove it with an exfoliating cloth with a bit of water. Keeps the natural oils on the skin. We will also release a concentrated serum. A man can put it on before bed to really super-charge skin healing. 
Where do you want to go most in the name of rest and restoration? 
Hommage is represented in some of the top spas globally for a reason. It gives us the ideal platform to showcase our rituals on a professional level with an aim to restore your skin from the daily elements. Being busy most of the time, I like to get away from the noise and social elements of the big city and enjoy peace and quiet. For me, a spa with leisure facilities is the perfect place because its also nice to exercise fully without the pressure of having to be somewhere immediately after. If I have the time to go abroad, I usually pick a country with great cuisine and ‘La Dolce Vita’ lifestyle so Italy is usually my first choice. 
Where’s the best place you’ve ever traveled to restore and revive yourself? 
Although I am often partial to a trip to Italy, going to Bali was an unforgettable experience. I went five years ago traveling across the country, and I would love to go back. We found a great location off the mainland on Cenigan Island, extremely remote, with some great surf and snorkel.