Venn Design Spherical Chair - Moon

We set out to make something different, something we'd never seen before. Anytime you make something new, you never know how to make it better until you make the first one. Our goal: constant improvement, each one better than the last. Today, every Venn has the right mix of durable and stain resistant fabric, temperature balancing felt, supportive foam cushioning, robust YKK zippers, and an eco-friendly latex free air cushion.

Tyler Benner
Designer, Venn Design

Venn Design Spherical Chair - Moon

Originally inspired by stability balls, designer Tyler Benner set out to create a spherical upholstered seat. As his posture improved and his body began to change, his mind opened up a whole new movement-centered design aesthetic. Embodying this initial inspiration, a Venn chair is the cornerstone of any healthy office.

  • Large “Task Chair” - Moon
  • 65cm diameter “task chair” for a standard height desk
  • Includes pump and interior air cushion
  • Arrives flat-packed

This item is MADE-TO-ORDER. Please allow 3-5 weeks for shipment.

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