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Transparent Sound Speaker


Member Price: $990

The large Transparent Speaker gives a powerful yet balanced sound that fills any room through the active amplifiers (Class-D). Made of aluminum and tempered glass this speaker is designed to be as much an interior object as a great piece of technology. It comes with Bluetooth5.0™ but it is also ready for whatever tech that might be useful in the coming years. The ambition is to be able to upgrade all speaker systems as ever new wireless technology develops. This way customers can keep the product updated by their preference and change only a small part, instead of replacing the whole unit. 

Tech Specs: 
Dimensions 16.5" tall x 13" wide x 4.17" deep; Weight: 24 lbs. 
Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0 (True wireless), there's no need for any app. Class D amplifiers.
Compatible with Sonos Connect, Google Chromecast Audio, Amazon Echo or AMP Hub.
Wall Mount: brackets & screws included.
Includes cables: Long and short audio cable AUX 3.5mm, long and short (USB) power cable.

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“ Rich bass, clear mid range and crisp highs, this speaker aims to produce a 'transparent sound', which means to have a neutral tuning and stay true to the recording. The front panel does however offer controls for any further adjustments. ”

Transparent Sound

Transparent Speaker (Black)

Transparent Speaker (Black)

Transparent Speaker (Black)

Transparent creates timeless, modular electronics. Jonathan Margolis, the editor at Financial Times - How To Spend it, said the following last weekend "Only one audio system has ever gained the unprompted attention and approval of my guests – this admittedly striking, heavy-as-heck, glass-enclosed stereo machine from Stockholm: the Transparent Speaker."

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