The Robb Vices Survival Kit Les Vice En Rose

The Robb Vices Survival Kit: Les Vice En Rosé

The people who thrive in times of crisis are those who have properly prepared. With this edition of Robb Vices we present you with a kit to prepare you for the many harrowing situations that life may throw at us.

Daniel Curtis
CEO, Robb Vices

The Robb Vices Survival Kit: Les Vice En Rosé

We start with a reserve Magnum of Rose, which has be created especially for Robb Vices members. Le Vice en Rosé is made in the coastal, French region of Saint-Tropez and is deliciously versatile. Next, we move on to the F500, an actual survival tool. Strong enough to break a window if your car goes underwater, with a knife to cut through nearly anything, a phone-charging bank, and a superior flashlight, it’s going to get you safely out of any situation, real or imagined. The Intense Recovery Treatment Mask from Port Products contains incredibly soothing ingredients like red algae, kelp and mint, alongside advanced botanical complex. Over EZ hangover cure pills were included, because, you know- we gave you a magnum of Rose. And finally, Psycho Bunny stepped in to kit you out in their premium pima cotton blend socks, made in Peru.

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