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The New Old Fashioned

Q Ginger Ale is great for mixing with your favorite spirit, especially good whiskeys. Whiskey goes great with ginger. The spicy, sweet taste pairs perfectly with the oak and spice flavor profiles you often find in whiskey.

Jordan Silbert
Founder & CEO, Q Drinks

The New Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is new again.  As we live in a new golden age of cocktails...the classic cocktail has now been adopted by the best bar tenders across the world as the defining drink.  With this collection, we deliver everything needed to create a spectacular old fashioned.  The base is Highspire, a lively and balanced Rye Whiskey crafted in Kentucky bourbon country.  Rosemary Sage Syrup and Havana & Hyde bitters that feature just a touch of cigar tobacco essence deliver rich flavors...this is a drink for people who truly appreciate a good drink.  A duo of sempli glasses and a garnish of dried oranges make the presentation as beautiful as it is delicious.  To top it off, we have included Q ginger beer that makes for an amazing whiskey ginger and a pairing of goat milk caramels.

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