Super Bowl Suites from SuiteHop

Member Discount: $10,000 Off

SuiteHop is your ultimate connection to luxury suites and VIP boxes for special events, concerts, and the biggest games in sports from the NFL to the NBA to the Masters. Yes, you read that right. You could not only find yourself at the Super Bowl in 2020 you could be in a private suite enjoying the game in luxury.

Super Bowl Suites from SuiteHop

Member Discount: $10,000 Off
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The Ultimate Experience at Football’s Biggest Event

SuiteHop is the Airbnb for luxury suites in North America, connecting you to private boxes and suites that would otherwise sit empty. That means you don’t have to cross your fingers that you’ll be invited to a suite for the next playoff game at Madison Square Garden or Staples Center. You can book your own experience at one of hundreds of venues throughout North America.

Limited suites are available for the 2020 Super Bowl match-up at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. SuiteHop has insider access to the best suites remaining for this bucket list event.

Options range from 10 person suites starting at $210,000 to field level NINEs suites for $945,000. Super Bowl suites are all inclusive, including top shelf alcohol and five-star dining. Super Bowl pricing is subject to availability and will vary throughout the season.

The NINEs Suites

Located on the field level, the NINEs suites in Hard Rock Stadium are some of the most luxurious suites ever designed in any stadium. With an exclusive experience that includes all-inclusive upscale dining, you and your guests will never leave your seats. The view is enviable and even arriving at the stadium and leaving after your event is expedited with the VIP lane. The exterior seating is lounge style. NINEs Suite guests also have a private lounge to visit during the event if they do want to leave the suite for a break. If you crave luxury and want to be treated like royalty, NINEs suites are the way to go!

Sideline Suite

Sideline Suite guests get all the perks of a suite with front and center views of the action. Newly renovated catering is served in alongside drink rails, granite countertops and tile flooring. There are HDTVs, USB chargers, and Wi-Fi in suite. Take advantage of the VIP clubs and private club level available to suite guests.

Mezzanine Suite

Hard Rock Stadium Mezzanine Suites are located just above the Sideline so you still get a fantastic view of the field or stage. These suites are newly renovated and showcase brand new seating and interior features Use HDTVs, USB chargers, and Wi-Fi to stay connected throughout your private event in Hard Rock Stadium. The seating is so comfortable in the climate-controlled space.