Stelle Audio Pillar

Stellé Audio Pillar

When my husband Wayne and I got married, he had very expensive five-foot speakers that he wanted to bring into our home, but I wouldn’t hear of it. Jokingly, I gave him an ultimatum, ‘It’s either me or your speakers.’

Anna Perelman
Co-Founder & CEO, Stellé Audio

Stellé Audio Pillar

We feel strongly that music can take us places. It can take us outdoors, from deep wilderness to sandy beaches. It can take us back in time emotionally, as well. Using intelligent design technology and gorgeous styling, the Stellé Audio Pillar closes the gap between fashion and function. This sleek, wireless column offers 360-degree, impeccable sound and is a beautiful, but minimalist, addition to your home décor. We have a range of colors. The one we send you remains a mystery … just to add that extra level of fun to opening your mail.

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