Square off Grand Kingdom Smart Chess Set

There are 2 ways of playing. First, you can play with any other player across the globe. One person can play on the board and one person can play on the APP or the board. The opponent's pieces on the board move automatically. Secondly, you can play against the board's A.I., where you don't need an opponent and the board plays against you.

Neel Jain
Square Off

Square off Grand Kingdom Smart Chess Set

  • Automated movements, powered by advanced robotics
  • App connected: Play with anyone, anywhere, right on your board
  • Play against the board: Built-in with 20 difficulty levels of AI
  • Automatically reset pieces to their starting position after the game
  • Live-stream chess matches right on your board
  • Handcrafted chessboard with rosewood finish
  • Battery life which lasts up to 30 games

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