Gingko Octagon One Plus Desk Lamp

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The New Octagon One Plus Desk Lamp inherited the same elegant design of our global multi-award winning Octagon One Desk Lamp, but it’s now incorporated with touch activated alarm clock in the hexagon base and it’s made of 100% sustainable natural wood.

This smart design isn’t just simply combining the best of simplicity and natural material to achieve its modern industrial aesthetic but has also solved our everyday space-saving dilemmas, by creating an alarm clock and light into one sculptural-like unit. Leaving space for the more important things in our lives.

Plus, you can choose to either use the light to wake you up, so the light will gradually ‘light up’ your day or you can use the normal beep alarm.

  • Product Material: 100% sustainable walnut, cherry and bamboo wood.
  • Battery life: 7- 48 hours
  • LED life-span: about 50000 hrs