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Josephine No 2 – Universal Set

Member Price: $136

Can you be multi-talented and master all tasks equally well? This glass can. As a true universal genius, it ensures that the flavour of every white wine, red wine and even beer can perfectly unfold. If you like to enjoy wine at the highest level without giving much thought to the choice of glasses, then this glass will equip you in every situation.

The Josephine No 2 is perfect for any white or red wine, and works wonderfully with beer too.

Try it out with aperitivi like Spritz and Hugo, or give it a go with alcohol free drinks.

Designed by Kurt Josef Zalto in 2019, handmade in Europe.

Height 24 cm, diameter 8.6 cm.

A soft linen cloth and a watercolour brush are the best things for taking care of your glasses. The Josephinenhütte glasses are of course also dishwasher suitable.

Read more about the care of the glasses here:

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