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Gustus Vitae Salt and Spice (8 Pack)


Member Price: $19.95

Summer's here and we've got just the set for you - the perfect collection for all of your summertime soirées, spring events, backyard bbq's and family grill time.

This collection comes complete with 8 salts and spices - each one unique and built to complement each other. Collection includes:

  • Spicy Raspberry Cane Sugar (2)
  • Pink Lemonade Cane Sugar(2)
  • Lemon Rosemary Sea Salt(2)
  • Spicy Smoke Sea Salt(2)

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Meet Gustus Vitae

Meet Gustus Vitae

Meet Gustus Vitae

The market for spices in today’s globally connected world is prolific. It truly takes a top company in this realm to impress us, and Gustus Vitae is a leader in the field.  They began by creating a Probiotic Ocean Salt, of all things, and then a Kimchi Sea Salt and a Wasabi Sea Salt to follow. Their spices and seasons to be to your BBQ what Robin is the the Caped Crusader this summer.

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