If you search 'raw cacao scientific studies,' you'll find thousands of studies related to raw cacao. I could write an entire book on the science behind cacao, but in short, it's been clinically proven to help improve your mood and prevent depression, boost your cognition, prevent against Alzheimer's, stroke, cardiovascular disease and many others.

Danette May
Founder, Cocoa Bliss

Recent editions of Robb Vices have been, quite intentionally, a bacchanal. Our mission is to help you stay engrossed in life's joyful (and indulgent) pleasures. The good stuff should be enjoyed enthusiastically, frequently and generously. But, there comes a time — perhaps following heaping portions of chocolate, wine, beer, cotton candy, and bourbon/bacon infused salami — when renewal is in order. With this in mind, we present you with a selection of products designed to bring you back to center.

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