ForeverSpin Spinning Top - Titanium

Humankind has been captivated by spinning tops for close to 6,000 years, but you really have to hold one of our tops in your hand to really understand why they are special. It's hard to put into words, but there is a sense of serenity in the design.  A rapidly-spinning top will spin in an upright position when its angular momentum surpasses the forces of friction.

Viktor Grabovskyy
Co-founder / VP of Operations

ForeverSpin Spinning Top - Titanium

ForeverSpin is a company founded in 2014 that creates spinning tops out of nearly 20 different metals, from gold plated to aluminum to titanium. Each harkens back to childhood, to a time before cell phones and iPads, when kids amused themselves with dice and board games. Each is far more adult in this iteration, created after hundreds of prototypes. A child might find them fascinating, but an adult will quickly become entranced with the symmetry, the physics and the craftsmanship.

Each top operates under timeless laws of physics, whirling for nearly 10 minutes on one good spin for the Stainless Steel that you’ve received. However, each metal composition changes the weight and the propulsion, meaning different metals will whirl differently and longer.

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