Discovering the benefits of the Crystal Explorer has been eye-opening for businesses and tourists around the world and now open up a new way to interact with wildlife in a subtle and respectful way. Beautiful reefs, crystal clear waters and picturesque rivers have never been so accessible and enjoyable.

Brian Maxfield
Partner, Crystal Kayak

This package includes 1 Crystal Explorer, 2 Deluxe Paddles, 2 Seats and 2 Flotation Pouches with Zippered Nylon Covers. You will need to provide a corded or wireless electric drill.

Note: Please note the Crystal Kayak Kit takes up to 3 weeks to ship. 


The Crystal Explorer by The Crystal Kayak Company is a totally crystal-clear canoe-kayak hybrid that lets users observe the underwater world below them! The Crystal Explorer features durable yet lightweight construction and is designed for conditions ranging from totally flat to breezy and choppy waters. It's removable frame, seats and inflatable chambers allow for easy stacking, storage and transportation.

Deluxe Paddles

Deluxe paddles feature a fiberglass body and include high-performance features such as blade angle adjustment and grooves to channel water away from the user.

Hull Clarity Kit

The Hull Clarity Restoration Kit is a must-have item for Crystal Kayak owners who use their kayaks often. During the course of normal use over time, Crystal Kayaks will develop markings that reduce the optical clarity of the hull. We have developed a series of steps and products that easily remove these blemishes and restore the hull to like-new condition. Each Hull Clarity Restoration Kit is suitable for one bow-to-stern entire hull restoration of a single kayak or spot-maintenance of up to 5 kayaks.

Bailing Sponge

The Crystal Kayak Micro-Fiber Cleaning & Water Bailing Sponge is a must-have item for your Crystal Kayak. During the course of normal use and paddle-action, a small amount of water will begin to collect in the bottom of the Crystal Kayak. This sponge is a very effective way to quickly remove the collected water. The micro-fibers are specifically designed to not scratch your hull. We recommend using this sponge and fresh water to quickly wipe down your Crystal Kayak hull after each use.

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