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Código Agave Nectar


Member Price: $9.95

Código Agave Nectar

The finest quality agave nectar by one of the finest producers of Tequila. Made in Jalisco, from the very same, incredibly high-quality Blue Weber agave that’s grown specifically for luxury tequila, this syrup has a naturally high sugar content — which is not only healthier for you than processed sugar, but much more balanced in flavor.

Use this in anything where you are looking for a sweetening agent--particularly in your home made cocktails.

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“We’ve sourced the most premium agave nectar in the region, harvested at its peak ripeness, to derive the maximum agave flavor and natural sugar content,” offers Código 1530’s Creative Director, Betsy Hengan. “We decided to make ‘light’ agave nectar, which refers to the color because it’s more filtered, and thus milder flavored. So it won’t overpower your cocktail or food recipe.” ”

Betsy Heneghan
Creative Director, Código 1530

Meet Código 1530

Meet Código 1530

Meet Código 1530

Código 1530 has an unwavering dedication to using the best possible methods and ingredients to produce a tequila unlike any other. There is never a corner cut in our production process, nor are there ever any chemicals, flavorings, or sweeteners added to our spirit. Código 1530 is perfected over a lengthy, 15-day process beginning with fully-matured agave aged over seven years, which are cooked in our stainless-steel oven, fermented utilizing an organic baker’s yeast in Amatitán, and distilled twice in our custom-made pot stills. Our spirits are carefully aged to taste in French White Oak Napa Cabernet Barrels to ensure each and every barrel is worthy of bearing the Código 1530 name.

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