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Aura California Burl & Turquoise Knife

Retail Price: $590

The new Chakra knife finished with a stabilized California burl wood and Turquoise gemstone handle. Chakra 3D handle and brass bolsters for precise handling. Precious gemstone counterweights for perfect working balance. Advanced blade geometry promoting smooth cuts with efficient rebound and low friction for professional fine cooking. Made of CPM S35VN, which is a Niobium & Vanadium enriched high-performance super steel. Cryogenically treated to -320°F for peerless sharpness and edge retention. Blade is 6.7"L x 1.8"H, total length 11.65". Available in: Maple Burl wood & blue Turquoise gemstone handle or Buckeye Burl wood & white Turquoise gemstone handle. Materials: steel, (stabilized) spalted burl, (lead-free) brass, mosaic pins, Turquoise gemstone. Dimensions: Box 12.56"L x 3.39"W x 1.34"H / 0.5 lbs.

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“The Chakra is an exercise in mindfulness - every detail of this knife has been balanced and aligned to perform. A spherical bolster allows your hand to grasp the knife with infinite versatility, and to move the blade with absolute precision. The blade itself is shaped and sized to match the wrist mechanics of your knife stroke, and to generate tempo. The soft satin finish of the blade is designed to glide through your work. ”


Aura Knifeworks was founded to produce the finest culinary instruments in America. Using the same precision techniques and super steels as California's aerospace industry, each knife is hand-crafted in Los Angeles and finished with a stunning, sustainable wood burl and gemstone handle. Holding an Aura knife, you will find yourself at the nexus of innovation, elegance, and traditional craftsmanship.

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