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Acera Harmony Travel Mug

Retail Price: $69

Harmony provides fabulous temperature control for up to six hours, thanks to its unique triple-wall, vacuum insulated construction comprised of dual layers of stainless steel encasing its ceramic core. And the 12 oz. ceramic core is so special it’s patented, as it incorporates crystals of the rare precious mineral Tourmaline that improves a liquid’s flavor, purity and ability to be absorbed by the body. Perhaps best of all, your gorgeous Harmony Travel Mug immediately conveys to the world what superb taste you have. Available in Classic Gold with Rose Pink crest, Agetate Red with Red crest, Blue with Blue crest, Silver with Platinum crest. Comes packaged in a box.

Technology: Tourmaline Anion - Patented Far infrared and negative ion Technology. The tourmaline lining of the tumbler heightens the flavor and freshness of any beverage. The tourmaline's charged negative ions add a pure taste, while neutralizing harsh chlorine and other impurities. The inner lid and tumbler rim: Tritan TM heat-resistance temperature: -20°C~100°C. Tritan is a new generation copolyester, has passed FDA approval, and is a material specifically used for baby products. Insulation: Triple Wall 

  • Dimensions: 2" L x 2" W x 6.8" H, 3 lbs
  • Capacity: 330 ml / 12 oz
  • Stainless steel outer shell with ceramic wall.

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“Honoring the importance of ceramics as a highly valued material in Chinese culture, symbolizing the pure beauty of humanity and the essential rewards that come from living in the moment. ”


Acera utilizes ancient artisanship techniques to develop innovative contemporary products. With its origin in ceramic crafting, Acera’s lifestyle and wellness product brand, Liven, introduces unique processes and patented technology to continuously advance its design and manufacturing. Crafted with the highest quality, Liven’s eco-friendly products are available in both traditional and modern motifs.

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