The Nth Las Vegas Connoisseur Tasting Event

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The Nth Las Vegas Connoisseur Luxury Tasting Event: Friday April 19 2024 - 6:30 pm

**Vices and Rarity Club members will receive an additional private “super pour” tasting with purchase.   

You will enjoy a wide variety of whisky and spirits. Explore a multitude of brands, engage with high-level brand representatives, and sample a wide range of whiskies, including a collection of fine premiums, ultra-premium and super-premium spirits.  Also available is a curated selection of Wine & Champagne from various producers around the world.  It’s a great opportunity to discover new flavors and interact with fellow whisky enthusiasts.

Glencairn Crystal Studio will provide each guest with a Glencairn cut crystal tasting glass. This glassware features a classic shape cut crystal, adding a touch of luxury and beauty to your whisky tasting enjoyment. The glass is designed to concentrate the aromas of the whisky, allowing you to fully experience its nuances and flavors.

Exquisite Cuisine
Prepared by the award-winning Wynn catering team will be served for this event. The talented chefs of this establishment will have prepared the most divine dishes for this most divine of occasions.

Questions? For additional information on the Nth Las Vegas Connoisseur Tasting Event, please email SUPPORT@VICES.COM.