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GRAVITY Industries Experience - Flight Suit Commission & Pilot Training


Inquire & Book

An opportunity to join the handful that have experienced true three-dimensional freedom of human flight. The Jet Suit is customized to each customer and the process of design and manufacture will take approximately 1 to 2 months.

Training for Jet Suit owners will take place in the UK, just 90 minutes outside of London. Clients are introduced to the training via a tour of the training location, followed by refreshments. Following preparation, a fully qualified GRAVITY Industries Pilot will take the client through:

  • The Jet Suit power-up sequence
  • Initial low-power flight experimentation
  • Higher power testing (dependent on client’s flight capabilities)

Lunch will be provided with Richard Browning, Founder of GRAVITY Industries, and there will be a live untethered flight demonstration by a qualified member of the GRAVITY Display Team. The rest of the day includes more flight training and Jet Suit experience.

GRAVITY Industries will capture the entire Experience for the client and can facilitate media and film crew attendance, if desired.

Accommodation and meals to be provided, as well as transportation to and from the GRAVITY test center from your hotel, and to and from the airport in London to your hotel. Flights to London not included.

Jet Suit specifications:

  • Power = 1050bhp
  • Turbines = 5
  • RPM = 120,000
  • Fuel = Jet A1; Premium Diesel; Kerosene
  • Dry weight = 27kg
  • Flight time = 5-10mins
  • Current speed record = 32mph
  • Altitude limit = 12,000ft

*Please note that participation in the gravity experience is contingent on approval by a GRAVITY flight specialist. By clicking the button on this page you are registering your interest in the experience. A GRAVITY concierge member will be in touch with in 24 hours to assist with the booking process and get to know you a bit better. This is to understand what kind of experience you are looking for, be it a mind-blowing taster of being in the Jet Suit as it spools up, or a desire to truly master free flight, eventually flying off the tether. Please read waiver for additional details.

Got questions? For additional information on the GRAVITY experience, please email

Meet GRAVITY Industries

GRAVITY Industries was founded in 2017 by Richard Browning, who began his quest for human flight with the simple question- “what if”. Since its humble beginnings, GRAVITY has grown into a multi million dollar organization whose influence spans the globe. They augment the body and mind with a suite of patent pending technology to enable unparalleled human flight.